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Certification In Advance Internet

The Internet,the web,cyberspace,and the‘net are all terms that generally mean the same thing, in this case,we will call it the Internet.The Internet is a Network of computers,all over the world, Interconnected to each other and available to any individual. The Internet is used for many different activities including shopping, communicating, learning, and distributing information.Unfortunately, you cannot open a door to a house and walk outside to “go into the Internet.” Computers are a primary tool you’ll utilize to use the Internet. The Internet is somewhat difficult to describe because you cannot touch it (in a way similar to software). It seems invisible—only computers can see it and you can see it through a computer. Sometimes the Internet is best described in comparison to a library. The Internet is made up of many individual components, just like a library is made up of many books. The Internet’s components have even more individual parts, just like a book has pages.


Introduction of internet.
Internet services.
Types of websites.
Using the browser.
Download and upload.
E-mail and social media.

Who Can Join The Course

Passed class 12th under 10+2 system, Graduate, Post Graduate.Individuals who have already used computer.

Career Options

After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Government office
Computer shoppe and office.
Internet cafe


8 days